Stop by and indulge in our fresh bakery items. Our strudels*, pies, cookies, cinnamon rolls  and famous apple cider donuts are baked in our kitchen almost daily during the Fall season and on weekends throughout the year.

Our very own caramel apples are a favorite among customers and are also available seasonally.

Don’t forget to sample a variety of our homemade fudge while you are here.

*Strudels can be shipped upon request.

Million Bubbles Millenium

Dune Country Million Bubbles Millennium is a limited production champagne to celebrate the New Millennium.

This light, dry, fruity, sparkling wine will be the perfect addition to your millennium celebration that only comes around once every 40 generations ! The silk screen ceramic label is a keepsake that given as a gift can be kept and passed on to the next millennium.

Think of where we have come from in the last 1000 years, think of where we will be in 3000 AD. This bottle that is limited in quantity, makes it a collector’s keepsake with unlimited value and, with a wine light makes it a functional addition to any collection.